broken frame 2

Some of the things we hold, we hold intimately and they remind us of ourselves. Likewise with objects that hold us.  Over time, their marred surfaces reveal our relationship to them through the physical residue of our touch, which dirties them, wears them down, and may even leave them cracked and broken.

Old mattresses are transformed from ordinary objects into alluring, wounded surfaces.  They stand erect, monumental in scale, with their edges isolated.  The objects removed from their context prevent the emotional and physical rest, healing and intimacy normally associated with them.  Arrested in states of disrepair, the fleeting nature of their physical form is exposed: Worn coils, tattered padding, loose threads and stained surfaces mark a physical relationship to the body and hand over time.

Broken Frame III, installation Mills College Art Museum, 2007
Archival Inkjet Print on Aluminum
96 x 35 inches

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sum and its parts
done and undone
sting speck cut
things held



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